Midnight Arrival Plan

Midnight Arrival Plan!

Most hotels let you check in at 3 pm, and ask you to check out by 12 noon.

But many flights to Cebu arrive at 11 pm or later, and the turnaround return flight is worse, leaving after midnight, while the hotel forced you to vacate your room at noon, or pay for another night.

To save our guests money and inconvenience, Plantation Bay now offers a First-of-Its-Kind Midnight Arrival Plan.

Simply choose MAP and your “day” at Plantation Bay isn’t 3 pm to 12 noon, but 11 pm to 8 pm. For example, if your flight arrives at 10 pm on May 1, you can check in at 11 pm, then remain in your room until 8 pm May 4. That’s a 3-day stay, and that’s all you’ll be charged for, not 3 + 1 as most hotels will charge, after hassling you with negotiating an early check-in and a late check-out.

Only on our website, the Midnight Arrival Plan is offered for any kind of room in Plantation Bay, subject to availability. Pick a room type and click the MAP box. Then tell us what time and date you expect to check in, and on what date you will leave by 8 pm. Be sure you get the dates right. Click NOW to make a MAP booking.